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Static Menu script

This is a cross-browser menu that stays static on the left hand corner of your screen, even as the surfer scrolls. The menu is constructed using on ONE large image that's positioned statically, with the links inside being image maps.

Since the script consists of more than one file, please download the following zip file to easily grab them all.

Launch scrolling_menu.htm to see the script in action. Configuring the script As mentioned above, the interface for the menu is simply one large image with an image map to create the individual links. Therefore, it's very easy to configure the script to your liking. Simply add the HTML code inside "scrolling_menu.htm" to your own page, changing both the image (or simply use the given one), and the image map code to correctly reference the spots within the image containing the links. Upload the rest of the files into your web directory as is, and you're done!


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