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Smart Folding Menu Tree Script

A folding menu tree that contains links and sublinks. Click on the folder icon to expand it. Browsers apart from IE 4.x will see the tree fully expanded (degrades well). The menu supports arbitrary nesting of sub-lists, and uses session cookies to give it persistance. In the past, whenever you opened a folder and clicked a link inside, when you returned, the folder reverts back to its initial, closed state. What a waste of time of having to reopen the folder(s) each time you return to view the links inside. Using cookies, this "smart" folder script will actually remember the state of the folder tree when you navigate to another page, so when you come back, it will look just the way you had remembered it to be. If you can't appreciate this feature, you can bet your surfers will! Note: This persistance feature is only visible in, obviously, cookie enabled IE 4 browsers. Demo: (try opening folders, navigate away, and return...the folders will still be open!)

Insert into <HEAD>

Insert into <BODY>

Finally, insert the below script following the above HTML code (It should never preceed it). Note that this is the "persistance" script, and if you're really stubborn-headed and do not want persistance in your folders, just don't add the below code!
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