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Bomb Sweeper

A Javascript version of the old favorite Windows Minesweeper game. Search for mines in a grid, assisted by numeric hints, skill, and a smidgeon of good luck.

Bomb Sweeper Rules

  • Uncover tiles by clicking on them - if there are one or more mines in the adjacent squares then the total number of mines is shown in the square. Using these numbers, together with your skill, judgement and a sprinkling of luck, you should be able to determine the locations of all forty mines.
  • Mark a tile hiding a mine by dropping a flag on it (click the tile while holding the [Ctrl] key). You only have one flag per mine so be sure!
  • You can remove a flag or place a question mark on a tile (if you're not sure enough to drop a flag) by repeatedly clicking on it while holding the [Ctrl] key.
  • The game is over when you either set off a mine, or all tiles have either been flagged or uncovered (i.e. you have found all the mines)
  • The number of mines remaining is shown in the status bar of your browser, together with the time you have taken so far.
  • Good luck!
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