My site is based on javascript, dhtml and java.

This Side Up's main page click (Note You must have StyleSheet enabled browser) CLICK HERE This will only load if broswer javascript1.2 compatable. You can also access it with a button...

This next link will take you to my magic 8 ball page if you have Netscape or to my hangman page if you have IExplorer CLICK HERE

When the Auto variable is set to '1' the script auto redirects to page(s) of your choice using either option 1 or 2 and a delay. This works great for an entrance page.
To upgrade your browsers you can go Here for Netscape Upgrade or Here for IExplorer upgrade.

<SCRIPT Language="javascript">
<!-- // Hide from older browsers

/* Script by D Savage
Works great in both browsers only sends people to your page that have browsers capable of veiwing your javascript page Just replace my url with yours */

/* auto redirect with delay for a front page for your site set Auto to '0' to use as text link or button link */

var Auto = 0;
if (Auto == 1){
     var Option = 1;
     var  "";
     // Url for javascript browser < javascript 1.2 for Option 1
     var URL2 = " "; // Put Your IExplorer Url here for Option 2
     setTimeout("Redirect(Option,URL1,URL2)", 15000)

function Redirect(Option,URL1,URL2){
     var NS = (document.layers) ? true: false;
     var IE = (document.all) ? true: false;

/* Use option 1 for crossbrowser capatible page */

     if (Option==1){
          if(NS || IE){
      else { // Redirect to page with no dhtml(stylesheets)
            // browser < javascript 1.2

/* Use option 2 for a redirect to browser specific page */

     if (Option==2 && NS){


     if (Option==2 && IE){