Expandable Headers

This is ideal for such things as lists of links, etc. The visitor with Internet Explorer 4.x sees only the headers, and need only click on the subject that interests him to expand that particular section. Any type of content can be hidden; here I've used a definition list and a table. A second click on the section header contracts it again. Browsers other than Internet Explorer 4.x show the contents fully expanded, so the script degrades well.

Some JavaScript Links

The official source about JavaScript
The JavaScript Source
Lots of good examples
The Unofficial JavaScript Resource Center
Some useful examples
A page stuffed with JavaScript examples
Gamelan JavaScript Pages
A truly excellent collection of links to JavaScript pages and collections
Snippet Library
A fine collection of scripts
JavaScript Planet
Some nice scripts
An excellent collection of articles and scripts.

Some DHTML Links

Microsoft's Site Builder Network
-Dynamic HTML
Macromedia's DHTML Zone
Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator DHTML Demos
Inside DHTML The Dynamic Duo
Dynamic HTML Lab WebCoder.com
The Wrox Web-Developer
Books and Samples Page
Project Cool
Developer Zone