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Joined: 07-28-2004 03:52 PM
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ggallen has contributed to 4 out of 847 total posts (0.47% of total).
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Re: 5/24/2002 12:51:00 PM   (Total replies: 0)
I don't think there is a way out. can set IE so that activeX isn't prompted and specify specific web pages to not prompt for. This way, you are still prompted if an unknown web page tries to do an activeX command (which I highly reccommend), this way you know which web pages are trying to do things to your computer. By using the javascript method, it uses it's own internal file browsing system, and not activeX (at least I don't think it does). I wouldn't disable ...

Re: 5/24/2002 12:43:00 PM   (Total replies: 0)
I did something similar. Instead what I did was put the text in a table, then set the style.visibility to "hidden" did my print() then reset style.visibility to "". George

updating another windows field values 4/19/2002 12:43:00 PM   (Total replies: 2)
I have Document A which opens up a new window Document B Document A then submits itself to the server When the server sends a New Document A, I want Javascript in that document to update Document B in the window that was created by the OLD Document A. Problem is I don't know how to get the New Document A to write to the other window Document B field, since the New Document A didn't open it, and it doesn't seem to retain the varible values set in the old Document A. Question: ...

Re: 5/24/2002 12:36:00 PM   (Total replies: 0)
I never did post my solution. What I wound up having to do was on the new page, I had to reopen the child window created by the older page, then close it. The problem was the new page, which was returned by submitting the older page wasn't the opener of the child window, so it couldn't close it, or reference it for that matter. Once I re-opened it. closing the status window was easy. I used: OnLoad="var'','status1','') ; childcode.window.close()" ...

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