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 Author Thread: image gallery with nodes HELP!
Dea is not online. Last active: 1/9/2006 5:35:40 AM Dea
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image gallery with nodes HELP!
Posted: 05 Jan 2006 04:22 PM
First of all, I apologize for my horrible english, but I have a problem that nobody could solve, so I will try it here again ^^

Its like this: I'm told to write the javascript code for two image gallery's while using nodes - and i have no plan how to do it! (Well, sure I could write a "normal" code for this, but I simply don't undestand the node-thing)

The first one is about doing a gallery with two buttons - forward and back - were you can switch trough an array of ten images. I suggest that I should use replaceChild there, but i don't know how to do it... XD

the second one is a gallery using thumbnails witch open in a new window - pretty easy, for sure, but I have no idea, how the bloody h*ll I should do that with nodes - beside it would be so easy the "normal way"
I would be REALLY greatful, if somebody could help me, it doen't matter if you are just giving some tipps to me, I really need any help I can get, but sadly i couldn't find anyone who could... My Grades are depending on this, so pleeeeaaaase help me out!

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