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 Author Thread: Timed Automatic Back plus controlled image change
Ensign Trex is not online. Last active: 7/28/2004 3:52:08 PM Ensign Trex
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Timed Automatic Back plus controlled image change
Posted: 27 May 2002 11:12 PM
Okay, I know I should be able to do this...well, I think I know I should be able to do this. This is what I want to do.

I'm creating this Jeopardy type image page for a school project that when you move the mouse over the dollar amounts it changes from a solid dark green image to a fade from dark green to yellow image. When you click it, it takes you to the question. For part one of my question, I'm looking for a script to stick on the new page that opens from clicking the 100 link, that allows the page to load up, and then after some set time (30 seconds or so), the page automatically "clicks back" and I'm back at my jeopardy game board page again.

Now, for the second question, is that, when this page goes back to my Jeopardy game board, I want to somehow denote that the 100 question has been clicked, and therefore 'used up', I want to change the image permanently to a white 100. (at least, until you start over from the beginning again). Now, I've got all three of my pictures...and I can do the mouse over bit for the first's just changing the picture after the page has been visited--like how a link changes from blue to red--but with images instead of text.

Can I do these things? If so, can anyone help me out...I'm kinda in a crunch. =|

qsaaiman is not online. Last active: 5/30/2006 4:23:08 AM qsaaiman
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Posted: 29 May 2002 03:25 AM
Hey the part about the delay could be done like this:

(put this at the bottom of the page)
<script language="JavaScript">
function go_back() {
setTimeout('go_back()', 2000);

if you are using ASP you can do this:

In the function navigate to the page but add "...age.asp?q=100"

On the "previous_page.asp" include this:

<%if request("q") = "100" then%>
<static pic here>
<clickble pic here>
<%end if%>


Quintin Saaiman
Department of Labour
IT Systems

Quintin Saaiman
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