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1.Carrying variable between windows
Posted by scott on 5/22/2002 2:36:00 AM
I have a form for user input. Next to one of the input boxes I give the user the option to open a new window to select a value. The new window pops up and a value is selected which causes another window to open and the original pop up to close. I the need the new window to be able to write the value into the form.

Assume the form name is form1 and the input box is input1, I have tried the following and non work:
window.form1.input1.value = x;
Posted by scott on 5/22/2002 4:43:00 AM
One level more complicated. WindowA opens windowB. WindowB then opens WindowC which closes WindowB. WindowC now needs to assign a value to WindowA, FormA, InputA.

ie: opener can't be found because windowB is closed.

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